Kathryn (poncho_san) wrote in whoboys_daily,

New Member!

New Member!
Name: Kathryn

Location: Sourthern CA

Birthday: April 25, 1990

Likes: Let's see... watching tv: mainly Skins, Heroes, and IASIP, listening to music: Arctic Monkeys, Rilo Kiley, Interpol, etc, goiing on the Internet, looking for icons, and eating. :D

Dislikes: not being able to fall asleep, when the internet is down, and ketchup. so gross!

Favorite "Who? Boy"?: most of my celeb crushes are Who? Boys. Jason Schwartzman, Aaron Stanford, Wes Bentley, Mike Bailey, Nick Stahl, Jamie Bell, Joe Anderson, Jonathan Togo, Jay Baruchel, Sam Rockwell, Justin Long, Christopher Gorham, Freddy Rodriguez, Charlie Day, Michael Angarano, Eduardo Noriega, Paul Dano, and Mark Ronson. i think that's it. there might be more.

Anything Else?: do tv hosts count? if so i would also like to add Steven Smith from Fuse and Kevin Pereira from G4. :) also, i really like this community and i hope to be posting some pics real soon. ^_^


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