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Who? Boys Daily~

Who?! Boys Daily
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What's a "Who? Boy"!?

"Who? Boys" are boys/men that are actors/musicians/models/etc that are often over shadowed by actors such as Hayden Christensen or Brad Pitt (not that we dont LOVE them!). They are not very well known, but deserve to be known, if not for their GREAT talent, then for their AMAZING good looks! Who boys usually appear in indie/foreign films, play in underground bands, and are not normally in the lime light. If a majority of your friends dont know who he is, then he is probably a Who Boy!

About This Community!

This Community is dedicated to all the Who Boys out there. And for us fans to share our favorites with eachother.. and to kind of get them noticed a bit more!


1. Pictures are a MUST. Every post must include atleaste one picture of a who boy.. other than that, feel free to post what you like!
2. All pictures bigger than 400px MUST be behing an LJ-Cut. What's an lj-cut? Click here to learn!
3. Please put the name of your boy in the Subject, that way we can add it to the memories!
4. Wallpapers, Icons, Headers, Photomanips, Fan Arts, Community Promotions, etc ARE allowed and encouraged!
5. NO hotlinking! if you need to host an image, try imageshack or photobucket.
6. If you got your pictures from another site, please credit that person/site. -OR- If you take anyone's icons, fan art, headers, etc. Please credit the maker!
7 .Please have fun! And be nice, anyone who is mean or displays such behavior will be banned!

Once you join

Please fill out this survey so we can all know who you are!

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Who? Boy of the Month

Gael Garcia Bernal is October's Who?! Boy of the Month
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Where you can see him?: The Science of Sleep, The King, La Mala educación (Bad Education), Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) and (my personal favorite) Y Tu Mama Tambien.
What's up next for him?: Babel, Déficit, Rudo y Cursi and México '68.
Find more about him: @ http://gaelonline.com , http://senorbernal.com and http://www.gaelgarciabernal.org

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